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Marriage of Figaro

Marriage of Figaro (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

The Marriage of Figaro continues the plot of The Barber of Seville several years later, and recounts a single "day of madness" (la folle journée) in the palace of Count Almaviva near Seville, Spain. Rosina is now the Countess; Dr. Bartolo is seeking revenge against Figaro for thwarting his plans to marry Rosina himself; and Count Almaviva has degenerated from the romantic youth of Barber into a scheming, bullying, skirt-chasing baritone. Having gratefully given Figaro a job as head of his servant-staff, he is now persistently trying to exercise his droit du seigneur – his right to bed a servant girl on her wedding night – with Figaro's bride-to-be, Susanna, who is the Countess's maid. He keeps finding excuses to delay the civil part of the wedding of his two servants, which is arranged for this very day. Figaro, Susanna, and the Countess conspire to embarrass the Count and expose his scheming. He retaliates by trying to compel Figaro legally to marry a woman old enough to be his mother, but it turns out at the last minute that she really is his mother. Through Figaro's and Susanna's clever manipulations, the Count's love for his Countess is finally restored.

Show Dates: November 8-10 & 15-17, 2019 in the Roebling Theater  

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Cast List

Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, sung in English
Director Doug Nagel
Assistant Director Emerald Hart
Cherubino Kate Meyer
Figaro Jordan Shawver
Count Kieran Beebe
Susanna Maggie Schwarz
Countess Brooke Moncada
Bartolo Doug Nagel
Curzio Manni Ratliff
Marcellina Kathryn Clark
Basilio Manni Ratliff
Antonio William Stearns
Barbarina Grace Mock
Country Girl 1 Debra Gloor
Country Girl 2 Jane Van Dyk
Female Chorus: Mic Dawson, Debra Gloor, Jane Van Dyk,
Grace Mock, Beatrice Layton (no Meagan Norbury for this opera...Symphony conflict)

Festival of One Act Operas

Festival of One-Act Operas

The Impresario (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Frank, the impresario (along with the buffo singer, Buff, who assists him) audition two actresses to be part of his new theatrical company. While both are hired, they then argue over who will get the prime role and who will be paid the most. To illustrate their strengths, each sings a striking aria to back her claim (Herz: "Da schlägt die Abschiedsstunde", Silberklang: "Bester Jüngling"). An agreement is reached when the tenor, Vogelsang, intervenes, in what Julian Rushton describes as a hilarious trio, "Ich bin die erste Sängerin" (I am the prima donna) compromise is agreed to, with each receiving "large salaries and star billing".The work ends with the quartet "Jeder Künstler strebt nach Ehre" (Every artist strives for glory).

Sister Angelica (Giacomo Puccini Giovacchino Forzano) - The tragic tale of a woman who bears a child out of wedlock and is sent to a convent to repent for her sins. The opera follows the sisters on a particular holiday in their year, a celebration of May and the start of spring, when the evening sun lights the font in their courtyard golden. The opening of the opera follows the normal daily routines of the nuns: we see them being scolded for speaking out of turn or not completing tasks, gossiping about their sisters, and laughing together. Life continues as normal until one of the Touriers brings news of a splendid coach outside. The bell rings announcing a visitor, and the Abbess calls Sister Angelica to greet her aunt, the Princess, who has come to ask her to sign some papers. Despite the Abbess’s warnings, Angelica is overcome with emotion at her Aunt’s presence, the first visitor she’s had in seven years.

Cast List

Sister Angelica by Puccini, sung in English

Director                                 Katelyn Meyer
Pianist                                   Dulais Rhys
Angelica                                Kristy Dallas
Princess                                Michelle Berger
Abbess                                  Debra Gloor
Monitor                                  Hillary Lester
Mistress of Novices              Jane Van Dyk
Genevieve                             Sarah Waggoner
Osmina                                  Abby Tidlow
Dolcina                                  Beatrice Layton
Nursing Sister                        Meagan Norbury
Lay Sister Solo                      Meghan Kilroy
Lay Sister Duet                      Grace Mock & Meghan Kilroy
Nun’s Chorus                         

Debra Gloor, Meghan Kilroy, Jane Van Dyk,
Hillary Lester, Abby Tidlow, Laurie Sutphin (Genevieve cover) Kathryn Clark, Meagan Norbury, Grace Mock, Beatrice  Layton, Mic Dawson

Show Dates: May 1-3 & 8-10, 2020 in the Black Box Theater

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