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Blodwen  May 2019
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Opera 101 Classes

Dulais Rhys Conductor and  Music Director for Blowden

IPA libretto

Following the pattern of Romantic Italian opera, the story takes place in 14 th century Wales and includes a wedding, lovers, dying heroes and a dramatic final twist. The opera’s stirring music shows Parry at his dramatic best: heroic and romantic solos, exciting ensembles, powerful choruses and of course, the famous ‘Hywel a Blodwen’ love duet which remains popular as a concert item and is considered one of the highlights of amateur performances of the opera.

Cast List
Janie Sutton -- Blodwen
Douglas Nagel -- Iolo (The Bard)
Jeremy Huw Williams --Arthur
Nerys Jones -- Lady Maelor
Kate Meyer  -- Elen
Scott Wichael -- Hywel Ddu
Benjamin Meyer -- Negesydd/Messenger
Kayla Marie Mudgett  --  Cover for Blodwen and Chrous Member
Complete Listing Coming Soon

Osian Rhys -- Director
Richele Sitton -- Orchestra Manager
Dr. Paula Fan -- Accompanist
Janie Sutton Dulais Rhys -- Co-Chorus Masters
Glenda Brauneis -- Costumer