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Blodwen  May 2019
Following the pattern of Romantic Italian opera, the story takes place in 14 th century Wales and includes a wedding, lovers, dying heroes and a dramatic final twist. The opera’s stirring music shows Parry at his dramatic best: heroic and romantic solos, exciting ensembles, powerful choruses and of course, the famous ‘Hywel a Blodwen’ love duet which remains popular as a concert item and is considered one of the highlights of amateur performances of the opera.
Cast List
Janie Sutton -- Blodwen
Douglas Nagel -- Iolo (The Bard)
Jeremy Huw Williams --Arthur
Nerys Jones -- Lady Maelor
Kate Meyer  -- Elen
Scott Wichael -- Hywel Ddu
Complete Listing Coming Soon

Osian Rhys -- Director
Richele Sitton -- Orchestra Manager
Dr. Paula Fan -- Accompanist
Janie Sutton Dulais Rhys -- Co-Chorus Masters
Glenda Brauneis -- Costumer