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The Impresario by Mozart
Sung in English
Music Direction by Sandi Rabas
Stage Direction by Dennis Rupp

Sandi Rabas pianist

Mr. Scruples-Doug Nagel
Madame Goldentrill-Brianne Roney
Miss Silverpeal-Jacqueline Marie Weitz
Mr. Angel-Scott Wichael
Mr. Bluff-Aaron Pagniano

The Impresario concerns the woes of an impresario, Mr. Scruples, who must put together a company of actors and singers while dealing with their whims, rivalries and pretensions. The company faces economic difficulties which are ultimately solved thanks to the intervention of Mr. Angel, a banker, who is persuades Scruples to audition Madame Goldentrill, Mr. Angel's lover. When Scruples is unimpressed, Mr. Angel introduces his rising star, Ms. Silverpeal, who insists on auditioning for the leading soprano role. The two ambitious singers confront Scruples about who the next prima donna will be, while Bluff attempts to reconcile matters. In the end, it is determined that art can thrive only through the peaceable cooperation of all their strengths.

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