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Nosferatu  Oct 2018

Based on F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent vampire film--a classic of German Expressionist cinema--Dana Gioia's Nosferatu creates a poetic version of the Dracula story in the form of an opera libretto. Written for the neoromantic composer Alva Henderson, the opera Nosferatu has been triumphantly showcased around the U.S. and in New York. Giogia's thrilling version of the vampire myth brings forth the terror of Nosferatu, "the undead," as seen through the eyes of the heroine, a gifted young woman trapped in a tragedy beyond her control.

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Tabatha Yeatts Blog Post about Nosferatu
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Tickets for the season go on sale to the public on Saturday, July 14th.


Anton Belov - Count

Andrea Garritano - Ellen

Christopher Bengochea- Eric

Jan Michael Kliewer - Dr. Harding

Kate Meyer - Marthe

Dennis Rupp - Skuller


Doug Nagel - Cover for Count

Kieran Beebe - Cover for Skuller

tba  - Cover for Marthe

Taylor Tucker Cover for Ellen

Travis Kuehn - Cover for Eric


Janie Sutton - Chorus Master

Susan McDaniel - Accompanist, keyboard in pit

Richele Sitton- orchestra manager

Daniel Helfgot - Stage Director
Barbara Day Turner - Conductor

Dodie Rife - Stage Manager

Alex Heyneman - Lighting Design
Nathan Blanding - Set Design

Gary and Judy Treglown - Costumes
Dan Nickerson - Prosthetic make up

Dennis Kern - Rehearsal Photographer